5 ways to improve your health today

We all love a top 5 list right?

Well I’ve been thinking for a while about 5 things we could do differently today for our health? Changes that are simple, immediate and accessible.

Why? Besides striving to give you great massage and acupuncture sessions what we’re really about is helping you to live healthier so that you can do the things you want to do.

 1. Sugar

Let’s keep it simple and direct. The more sugar you consume the higher the likelihood of suffering (and possibly dying) from heart disease. Other negatives include risk of diabetes, tooth decay, higher blood pressure, liver disease, inflammation & general pain.

Furthermore when sugar is consumed dopamine releases from the brain. Dopamine is the chemical that feels good leading to your cravings for more when released. It’s the same chemical (among others) that releases with recreational drugs. That’s why we CRAVE more. THINK ABOUT IT....WHY IS IT IN FOOD PRODUCERS' INTEREST TO HAVE AN INGREDIENT WHICH HAS THIS EFFECT ON YOU????

wish I could put dopamine into my massages!!!

Reduce intake of processed sugar. It’s everywhere and often hidden. Here’s a list.

  • Alcohol
  • Food dressings, condiments and sauces
  • Jam
  • Yoghurt
  • Cereal
  • Tinned soup
  • Muesli bars
  • Juice
  • And the obvious ones- biscuits, pastries, pies ice cream and soft drinks

NB In many supermarket foods when the food label says sugar its likely to be the worst kind- fructose

What’s that you ask? Easy to say, not so easy to do! As always moderation is everything so what if you targeted one or two sources to begin with?


And set modest goals then build on them. Try one day then when you see it’s not that hard go for three.

2. Move

If you HATE exercise reframe it, that is, don’t call it exercise. Try calling it recreation, leisure or movement. Often the fitness industry guilt’s’ & intimidates us into fitting its mould. But you can be slightly innovative and easily avoid the cliché of lifting weights, circuit classes or running etc. We tend to think that if we can’t do these activities we weren’t born to be fit.

Don’t accept this mistaken belief

I really believe that all of us are made to move but many just haven’t found what works for them.

Try asking yourself what did you love doing when you were a kid?

Some ideas -

Throwing balls, Kick a ball at the park (Include kids if you’re lucky enough to have them). Hitting a hockey ball, totem tennis, rock-hopping on a headland, British bulldog, join a water polo team, touch footy team, bushwalking, indoor climbing centre; canoeing; rent a sea kayak, martial arts, tai-chi, yoga, dance class, boot scoot (hmmm maybe not!).

See! When you start thinking about it there are endless ways to use your body.

One more point. Both the ‘Black dog institute’  & ‘Beyond blue’ websites both list physical activity as a major tool for managing mood disorders.